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John and Jamie have been married for over 20 years, have eight kids (5 boys and 3 girls), live in a small town in Texas called Sherman, and love life!

Jamie is an artist and stay at home mom. John is a musician and an entreprenuer. He started Kickstart Media a decade ago and still does some marketing consulting today.

John and Jamie were introduced to Direct Sales a few years ago and have had great success. They have built a team of people devoted to serving others and providing a financial future for their families and are now concentrating on helping other families achieve financial success and time freedom as they work from home.

This is our blog about who we are and what we’re doing. We use this to share ideas, successes, failures, plans, thoughts, pictures and basically anything we want….

Grab a cup of Joe, peruse through and stay awhile!

Our Ramblings….

How I quit smoking

For almost 30 years I have been a smoker. I’ve gone up and down but averaged roughly a pack a day during that time. I’ve gone through streaks of hiding it, flaunting it, being embarrassed by it, quitting and starting again. I’ve carried breath mints and gum everywhere and worried about my yellow stained teeth […]

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Baby Chickens!

It’s time to restock our chickens! We’ve had our backyard chickens for a couple of years now and it’s been awesome! They’re super easy, they eat table scraps and provide us with tons of eggs and once they stop laying we get to eat free range chicken. They’re starting to get old though so it’s […]

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What’s in your library?

I’m a huge book fan and we have hundreds of them stacked throughout the house. There’s just something that I love about holding a book as I read instead of staring at a tablet screen.   However, I realized that my weakness in this area is “how to books.”  I’ve got all the classic literature, lots […]

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Rabbit House is Done!

Finally!  After a week of our rabbits living in cages and pooping all over the driveway we have finally completed their new home!  Typical of us, we went for the “complete overkill” design plan…   mainly because we have no idea what we’re doing and we wanted to make sure they were safe.  In any case […]

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A Day With Roger Rabbit

We got rabbits! I figured this would be pretty simple… I would just pick up some rabbits at the local feed store, bring them home, throw them in a cage and feed them.   There was a little bit more to it than that as I quickly found out!  I started out by calling the feed […]

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The Lottery line

I like to dream as much as the next person…  and I’m not talking about just dreaming while I am in a deep slumber.   I love to sit around and just think and imagine.  Every night I fall asleep envisioning wild, crazy scenarios of what could be.  In other words, I don’t think there is […]

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Survival Medicine Handbook

One of the things I feel least prepared for is medicine.   I know some basic first aid and took a CPR class once but overall, I’m just intimidated by this subject.  I know however, that it’s something that I need to learn.  Can you imagine what would happen if you couldn’t just head down to […]

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Man makes plans, God laughs.

“Many are the plans of the human heart, but it is the decision of the LORD that endures.” Proverbs 19:21 So, it’s my 20th anniversary this year! My wife Jamie and I have been blessed with eight beautiful children during that time and we were ready to celebrate. For months now we’ve been making plans […]

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I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Tuxedo and an Ostrich costume on the same weekend before….  but man….we had some fun!

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The Beginning of a Survival Plan

Listen, I’m not some kind of quack that believes the world’s going to end as we know it.  I don’t envision a zombie attack, an EMP from China or a crazy government conspiracy coming to get me.  I do however see the writing on the wall.  We have become lazy and useless as a society […]

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Useless and Unprepared, Time for a Change

Periodically over the years I have watched current events and thought, “Man, shit is about to hit the fan.”   With the increase in terror attacks, the division of the American populace (mainly due to the presidency of Barack Obama, but I digress), and the economic struggle that many Americans are facing, I am realizing more […]

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A Year in Network Marketing

A find that there is a lot of hype in Network marketing.  Everyone thinks they’re going to get rich, become a top earner and sail away on their new yacht.  Now I’m a pragmatist… I see the opportunities present in starting your own business, but as a traditional business owner for many years, I also […]

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A Rational Defense of Trump

So, in a Facebook conversation with a friend I made this statement, “There is no rational thought to this (Trump) nor can any of them (Trump Supporters) ever name one factual, rational reason why Trump should be the guy, they just like the way they feel when he says the things they want to hear.” […]

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The Weak Shepherd Mentality

I’m always interested when our church leaders speak and so I quickly followed a link my friend had posted and zipped over to Bishop Kevin Farrell’s website to read his latest blog entitled, “The Cowboy Mentality,” (which he just changed the title of BTW).   It’s quite a read.   In a mere eight paragraphs […]

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The NRA: The Evils of the Gun Lobby

America’s gun problem.  President Obama has brought this issue to the forefront and there is perhaps no bigger issue that divides people than this.  He has raged against Gun toting, 2nd Amendment supporters in virtually every public appearance he has made.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, people are just as crazed at […]

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Getting Connected!

We always say “Build your business from Event to Event” for a reason….

My son Jamison came into the business with me about 45 days ago and has done very well. He’s made a lot of money but still didn’t fully realize the true benefits of being in business with Stream. He decided to attend #Connect with me though and he was blown away.

It was so gratifying for me to be there with him and watch the sparkle in his eyes, the awe on his face and hear the excitement in his voice as he came alive and starting dreaming!

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Kim Davis and the Art of War

By now, most everyone has heard about Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage certificates.  She has become somewhat of a folk hero, a martyr for the cause and renewed the cry for religious freedom for many.  I have been involved in many discussions on this in the past few days and several common […]

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Children See, Children Do

I saw this video today and I know I am totally behind the times- it’s old. It’s been around. But it’s really powerful! I just about started crying watching it! I’m sitting here now thinking about all the things I have done to influence my children and form them into the adults that God wants […]

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Gas Plant Explosion Evacuates Us!

Tornados, Floods, Weeks of rain, power outages and now…. gas explosions and fires! Man it’s been quite a spring! So today we got evacuated from our house. Evidently a gas plant caught on fire and exploded and now they’re taking precautions as they are expecting a bigger explosion. They’ve closed off all traffic going into […]

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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

I’ve always loved Jennifer Fulwiler’s 7 Quick Takes Friday so now that Jamie and I are doing our little “blog thing,” we’re getting it fired up! So this time next week Jamie and I will be on our first “real” vacation in many, many moons…  we’re going on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico!  It’s exciting, […]

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On Lizard People, Homosexuality and Moral Relativism

I like statistics. I generally believe that most people are ignorant of the truth and believe what they believe because they “heard it somewhere.” But statistics tell us the truth. They are the hard facts which can take our perceptions of the world and turn them into reality. So today I’m going to share some […]

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So, as Stevie Ray Vaughn would say… “It’s floodin’ Down in Texas.”

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Feeling Guilty for Spending Time on Yourself

I’m all about parenting and spending time with your kids. I like to be there when they wake up and help them greet each new day with a hug and some quality time. So this morning when I decided to go to an early morning training session I was feeling guilty… But what my kids […]

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Thank God it’s Friday!

Groan…. it’s Monday….  ok….humpday!  Phew….TGIF… Are you just like me?  No matter if we love our JOB or not (and I do) most of us will go through these thoughts every week, week in week out, year in, year out. I’m the same as you in this regard.  But I am probably different as well…. […]

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Are You Wasting Your Time in the Car?

How much driving do you do?  I spend less time than most people in my car and I’m still in it at least 30 minutes a day…  so here’s my thought…. I want to constantly grow and better myself.  As Presley Swagerty says “If you want to do more, then become more.” But the problem […]

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Senior Shots

We got Jamison’s Senior pics back….  they turned out pretty nice!  Which one do you like the best?  It’s amazing to think that our first born is 18 and graduating this year!  Man, where does the time go???

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But He’s My Baby!

John has this rule.  It’s been around for awhile, and everyone in the house knows it.  I’ve never bucked him on it before because it wasn’t real to me and so it just didn’t effect me emotionally. John is very rational (and also very stubborn) and so when he makes a rule for our family […]

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We Need to Get Connected!

What a Powerful Video!  I’m in the technology market…  I build websites in my marketing job and with Stream I help families save money on their cell phones.  But listen…enough is enough.  Sometimes we need to unplug from our online social lives and connect in real life!  We need to reach out and touch another […]

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Stop Being an Idiot…You Can’t Do it Alone!

So the handsome guy in the photo (not the bald handsome guy, the other one), is my friend Brian Lucia.   This picture was taken at a dinner where Jamie and I (among others) were being honored for our leadership.  I like Brian for a lot of reasons… he’s a solid Catholic guy, a family man, […]

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I’m the mom of eight kids. For what feels like forever that has been my identity and although I love it, sometimes I forget who I was before motherhood and that makes me sad! I was fun! I enjoyed just having a good time laughing, dancing and being with my friends without a care in […]

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Out of My Comfort Zone

Allegedly stepping outside of your comfort zone is a good thing and can help you.  When we challenge ourselves we tend to rise to the occasion…or so the story goes 🙂 This weekend Jamie and I were in Dallas for a convention and some leadership awards and our mentors took us and several other couples […]

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Dirt on Your Face and Push up Muscles

I’ve been dreading this day… my friend Dave who is an actual #BeyondTough guy sent me a text with a picture… Unfortunately the picture was of me and unfortunately it was plastered all over a local Lowe’s store. Of course the mocking started right away because, Hey…that’s what friends are for! It all started last […]

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What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s the thing people… there are certain things that we tend to say as human beings that are really hurting us. Now, I’m not talking about cursing, swearing, being crude or nasty to other people or any of that. I’m talking about statements that we make that allow us to continue a life of stagnation. […]

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Invest in Yourself

So we just got back from Las Vegas!  Now Vegas isn’t a place I would normally frequent, but truth be told we were there for a conference with Stream.  We did the normal stuff one does in Vegas…looked at the sites, did some gambling, took in a show and hit some nightclubs.  The thing that […]

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