7 Months Smoke Free

I really don’t think about this much anymore…  I am simply a non-smoker.  There are no urges, no slip-ups, no regrets.  I don’t miss it at all, I just feel clean and healthy.   But this morning I was sitting and thinking and I realized that is has been over 7 months since I have lit up a cigarette!  I feel so healthy and I’m so excited about this new life…

Now, I am under no delusions that this change is all because I quit smoking and no delusions that one book miraculously made me quit smoking and stay smoke free.  This has been an absolute lifestyle change.   The book that I read was a catalyst that helped change my thinking.  The IDLife Experience that I have been using has helped me quit sugar and coffee and the exercise I have been doing has been helping me detox and be more disciplined.

If you’re a smoker and you’ve tried to quit then hear me…   you can do it.   My advice?  Read the book that I did, get on IDLife for a month and start exercising.  It’s hard work but completely worth it!

If you haven’t read my story of how I quit then you should and please pass it on to others who can use the support!

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