A Day With Roger Rabbit

We got rabbits!

I figured this would be pretty simple… I would just pick up some rabbits at the local feed store, bring them home, throw them in a cage and feed them.   There was a little bit more to it than that as I quickly found out!  I started out by calling the feed store and asking about rabbits and they told me the local expert was a guy named “Roger.”  I snickered into the phone at the idea of “Roger Rabbit…”

The girls and I hopped in the truck and drove out to Roger Rabbit’s farm and spent the afternoon with him.  The guy was amazing!  He knew everything there was to know about rabbits and gave us a complete instructional, hand picked some rabbits out for us and even bred 3 of the new does for us.

If we knew what we were doing we would have had an area for the rabbits set up before we bought them, but lesson learned I guess.  The rabbits are currently living in their cages underneath the carport while we finish their “house.”  The goal is to have them in a private, protected spot where they’re easy to manage, so we elected to build a fenced in area under the carport.  With the rabbits and space we currently have this should net us abut 500 lbs of meat a year, so we’re pretty excited!

Now, the problem is that Roger is a fanatic for breeding….  he leaves the rabbits in their cage the entire time, feeds them only top shelf grain and never allows them to touch grass so they don’t get sick.   This just isn’t going to work for us…  our goal is to have a food supply that can continue to replenish itself and if we need specialized rabbit pellets this defeats the purpose.   So here’s my plan…

We have 3 pregnant does right now.  We’re going to take the 3 litters and separate them.  Once we will feed rabbit pellets and the other two we can experiment with a bit by feeding them natural food that we grow (grass, alfalfa, sprouts, weeds, etc.)   This way we can (hopefully) learn how to replenish our rabbits naturally.  We’ll see how it goes….




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