Everything Hurts But it’s Ok

My run yesterday really hurt…  At 47 my body just doesn’t recover like it used to.  I am determined though….

So everything hurts today…  I mean not just my muscles but but my joints and my bones.  Heck even the tip of my elbow hurts for some reason.  So, honestly it was a struggle to even get out of bed this morning…

But I did it…   I gave myself 1 cup of coffee, drank my breakfast and got back to it.    Today I walked about 3 miles before I tried to run again.   I was just too sore to break into a run.   I finally grit my teeth and did it though.   It was pretty bad for the first few minutes but then it got easier.    I made it about 1/2 mile and honestly I think I could have kept going!   I decided to not push myself too much though…  there’s always tomorrow!    I can do this!

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