Jamie Flynn Art Stuff 2017-03-24T00:18:57+00:00

John calls me an “artist.”

It sounds good, but I don’t enter juried art competitions or show my pieces at fancy art galleries.  People always ask me, “What kind of artist are you?”  I’m not really sure how to even answer that.  I make things.  I really never know what I’m doing until I’m 50% done with a project, I’m just turning it into what it wants to be.  Does that sound weird?  It should- I’m weird.   My dad taught me how to do scrimshaw and so I’ve made some jewelry with that style.  He also taught me how to weld so I’ve made some fun sculptures too.  I started out in ceramics and I still love that and I’m trying my hand with painting now.

John really likes my art and he’s always saying, “Oh my gosh, you could sell this for a fortune!”  I’ve done some of that over the years but really I do my art for me.  If I create something I don’t love I want to break it and not let anyone see it, and if I create something I love then I don’t want to give it to anyone.  This has kind of limited me in becoming a commercial artist 🙂

But that’s ok.  Going up to my studio and sinking myself into a new project keeps me sane and balanced and gives me time for me.  I guess I’ll always do this in some way or another.  There’s no feeling to me like creating.  It feeds my soul!

John’s going to make me put some pictures up below now… Ugh.