Kim Davis and the Art of War

By now, most everyone has heard about Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage certificates.  She has become somewhat of a folk hero, a martyr for the cause and renewed the cry for religious freedom for many.  I have been involved in many discussions on this in the past few days and several common threads have come to light.

Logical Fallacies
Ad Hominem:  These are personal insults that are intended to discredit the opinions of someone who does not agree with you.

Often combined with the “No True Scotman” fallacy:
“A true Scotman would never do that and since you are doing that you are no true Scotsman.”

It’s Not Fair
Kim Davis is in jail but other people who disobey laws they do not believe in are free.  There is a double standard!

The Law
The SCOTUS decision is illicit or illegitimate because they do not have the power to create new laws (legislate) and therefore it does not need to (and should not) be obeyed.

The War
We are in a war!  Liberals do not want marriage certificates, they want to force Christians to abandon their beliefs and conform!  If we do not stand up for Kim Davis now then they will come for the Pastors next  and force them to perform Gay Marriages.  Religious Freedom is at stake!

The entire discussion has been filled with emotions such as anger, frustration and fear.  What is most needed now is clarity… a calm, rational, logical analysis of this situation.   So, let’s address each of these issue with logic and clarity.

We’ll start with the simplest one… Ad Hominem and No True Scotman.

If you are attempting to discredit or label someone or judge their intentions because their viewpoint is different than yours then you have in fact simply discredited yourself.  Now, many of these are overt insults and name calling such as “liberal” “gay lover” etc.  Some are location based, “You’re a dumb blue-stater so…” or “You northern people are ….”  Most of them however employ the No True Scotsman fallacy:

ex:  “A true Christian would stand with Kim Davis and so because you do not you are a not a true Christian.”

Witness the following:


In the above post this author clearly states that:

  1.  There is only one valid opinion and action.
  2.  If you do not follow this then you are __________________.

Some folks are even less subtle…

  • “If you don’t stand with Kim Davis you are a phony conservative!”
  • “You’re not a real Christian if you don’t stand with Kim Davis!”
  • “You can’t be against same sex marriage and against Kim Davis.”

This type of ignorance demeans the debate itself and makes certain that there will be no meaningful communication.

Now onto the “It’s not fair” strategy…

This one is true.  It’s not fair.  In fact, nothing is ever fair.  The reality is that this argument is emotional, childish and easily debunked.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  We absolutely cannot ever validate our actions simply because someone else is participating in wrong actions also.  There is right and there is wrong and we do not become “more right” because someone else is “more wrong.”

I agree 100% that there is a “double standard.”  I agree 100% that the media, and the current government as well, are treating Christians differently than anyone else.  But once again, this has no bearing at all on whether our actions are or should be considered “right or wrong.”

To put it bluntly….  Obama belongs in jail for breaking the law.  However, this does not mean that Kim Davis does not belong in jail.  That question must be answered based on her actions and the law, not his actions and the law.

Now, let’s move onto the law….

If you’ve passed 4th grade Civics then you understand the basics:

Only Congress can create laws.  The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) cannot create laws.  Their job is to interpret the Constitution which leads to clarifying how the Constitution applies to specific cases.

However, this is where it gets complicated…

  • According to SCOTUS, the Constitution protected the institution of slavery and then the very same Constitution condemned slavery.
  • According to SCOTUS, the Constitution allowed for Child labor and then the very same Constitution condemned labor.
  • According to SCOTUS, the Constitution did not allow women to vote and the very same Constitution allowed it later.

The reality is that when SCOTUS interprets, their interpretation is law.  Not a new law, for they did not CREATE a law, but they interpreted a specific situation and how it fits within a CURRENT law.  In the history of our country, as shown above the laws have, in fact, changed as SCOTUS has interpreted them.   It is very important to realize that, in every single situation, when SCOTUS does this their decision is now the “law of the land.”

Only two possible factors exist which can “override” the interpretation of SCOTUS:
1.  SCOTUS can hear another case and come up with a new interpretation which invalidates the former one.  This happens when a different case involving the same constitutional issues as an earlier case is reviewed by the court and seen in a new light, typically because of changing social and political situations.  An example of this would be the Brown v Board of Education case which overturned Plessy v. Ferguson.

2.  The second way is for Congress to vote on and pass a Constitutional Amendment which invalidates the SCOTUS decision by creating, or legislating a new law.  An example of this is the 14th Amendment which overturned Dred Scott v Sanford and made slavery illegal.

So, the people who are stating that Gay Marriage is not the law, unfortunately do not understand how our country’s government works.  If, and until, one of the two conditions above is met, Gay Marriage is indeed the “law of the land.”

Oh but wait…  what if the State hasn’t changed the law yet?  Sorry…. wishful thinking.  According the Article IV of the Constitution the Supremacy Clause of pre-emption means that Federal Law trumps State Law.  It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

Now, here’s where the emotions come out…  In the last few days as I have said this to people I have immediately been accused of supporting gay rights, being a liberal, being anti-Christian, etc.  Let’s be perfectly clear….  my personal opinion on the matter is completely irrelevant and as tough as it is to hear…so is yours.  So to sum it up….   You’re opinion doesn’t matter one single bit… your vote does.  Make sure and vote properly.

We are a nation of laws.  Our forefathers wrote our Constitution and defined SCOTUS with wisdom and insight.  If you wish to fight against Gay Marriage (or anything) the way to do so is by becoming educated, educating others, voting with intelligence and then holding your elected officials responsible.  Pretending that a law you don’t agree with is “illicit” simply makes you an uneducated moron.  Anything that SCOTUS interprets is “licit” and binding and if SCOTUS is corrupt and “legislating from the bench” the only recourse is your elected Congressional officials must use the checks and balances system designed and write a Constitutional Amendment.  This is not the opinion of a “liberal, gay-loving, anti-Christian,” it is an absolute fact.

The Art of War…

We absolutely are at war.  This is an argument that I completely 100% agree with.

  • There is an incredibly small percentage of the population which has fought for years to “normalize” homosexuality.
  • They have an army of activists that fight daily to force others (especially Christians) to accept homosexuality.
  • They want nothing short of forcing every single Christian to admit that homosexuality is perfectly normal and just as “good” as heterosexuality.
  • They want Christian beliefs and the Bible ridiculed and invalidated.
  • They will go out of their way to find a Christian who disagrees with them and then confront them, publicize the entire situation in the media and play the victim while vilifying their target.
  • They are waging a war in the media against Christian values which is based on ridicule, ad hominem attacks, and an army of vulgar adherents which attack through comment boards, fake phone calls, and every avenue of social media that they can find.


So, yes, I agree…we are at war.  However, here’s my issue…. Christians suck at this!  Think about it….  4% of the population has changed the terminology, drawn up a game plan, implemented that plan, brainwashed another 60% of the population into thinking that homosexuality is normal and Christianity is strange and has now made homosexual marriage legal.  So basically, you got your ass kicked by an army that is 1/20th of your size…..  wow…. nice job Christian America.

What’s my point?  It’s simple…  you recognize that you are in a war so maybe it’s time you started actually acting like it….

Let me put this in perspective…

If our best attack in this war is a city clerk from KY (with a very colorful and “sinful” past) who is going to stand up as our general and refuse to stamp pieces of paper then we are in serious trouble…. yet that is exactly the person whom many of you have made your hero.   All our hopes are now pinned on her……. maybe not the brightest strategy in the book.

“Ok, John, so you’ve told us what we shouldn’t do…so what should we do???”

Glad you asked….

Let’s look at The Art of War, a classic for over 2500 years…

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Know your enemy…

The gay population is no more than a tiny percentage of the American population.  Let’s call it 10% for easy math (even though most figures are closer to 2-4%.)  Out of that 10% how many gay people are at war with Christianity?  How many are the “radicals” who promote their agenda?  There are many gay people who just want to be gay and be left alone.  Let’s say that 5% of them are radical.  They are fighting daily to promote the homosexual agenda and destroy Christianity.  These people are your enemy…

Know Yourself…

Almost 80% of America claims to be Christian.  Out of that, as we all know, we have a bunch of lukewarm people who don’t truly, radically live out their Christianity.   So what percentage of those people adamantly oppose homosexuality and are ready to go to war? Well stats show that only 45% of Christians oppose homosexuality and out of those how many are actually against it so much that they are ready to go to war?  I think we would be lucky if half of them do.  This brings us down to just over 20% of the American population.

Know the Battlefield…

  • 5% are radically homosexual.
  • 20% are radically Christian.
  • 75% are sheep which can be led by one side or the other…

So where should the battle be fought?  The homosexual agenda has successfully targeted the 75% for the last decade… the Christian radicals meanwhile have targeted only themselves.

If you want to win you need a concentrated plan which attacks and attempts to sway the 75% of sheep and “The Bible says it’s a sin and you’re a pervert” is absolutely not going to do it.

Do you know how the Homosexual Agenda did it?  Try reading the Gay Manifesto “After the Ball.”  It’s a game plan for how to convince America to accept homosexuality and it has been followed extensively since 1990.  This plan has been executed flawlessly and has kept conservative Christians constantly on the defensive, always 3-4 moves behind.

The fundamental plan starts with recognizing that you are subtly convincing 75% of the sheep that you are “just like them.”  This is done through language change, media and marketing.  Once they are convinced that you’re just like them then they will fight for your rights and stand up for you just as they would for themselves.  Christians have done the opposite though….  they have shown the 75% how different they are.  Here’s a perfect example:

Christian advocates make “faith based” movies which are designed to evangelize without subtly.  Every plot is the same.  “Person has a lukewarm faith and life is tough, they turn to God and pray and change their life.”  This message says, “You suck, your life will get better if you just embrace Jesus like me.”  It’s annoying and does not work.

On the flip side look at the Gay Marketing machine….
Characters are funny, compassionate, loving, super cool and “oh, by the way” they also happen to be gay.  See how normal they are?  They don’t show 2 men engaged in sodomy in the bedroom, they show two totally normal looking guys who are cool and funny and just like you and me and…. happen to also be gay.  Not only that….. but they also happen to love Jesus and go to church!

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

Plan and Implement Well

The enemy must think they they have won and let their guard down.  When they are fat and content and their guard is down it is the time to attack.   Is that what we’re doing?  No.  We’re screaming at the top of lungs about religious persecution, vows to fight and making heroes out of clerks who won’t stamp pieces of paper.  Not smart.

We need to implement a plan that is long term and is designed to win.  War is not about bravely standing p for your rights and being creamed by the enemy.  It’s about strategically employing tactics so that you can win at all costs.  Are you ready for that?

Again, let’s look at what the homosexual lobby has done.  They have continuously gone out of their way to find a Christian who is simply living their faith and then have goaded them into refusing them service for something (or in some cases, even saying they will refuse service).  Then it’s in the media and they play the victim.  What do Christians do?  They react to this by quoting bible verses of why sodomy is an abomination to God.

Why are Christians not doing expose videos on homosexuals?  Why are we not playing the victim as these people “attack” us.  See Christians think that deception is wrong.  But deception is a part of winning the war.  If you believe it’s a war then you better embrace it.  Another perfect example concerns abortion.  Lila Rose and her team have started to expose Planned Parenthood through gotcha videos and they have had more impact on the abortion movement than everything else combined for the last 40 years.  Pro-life groups marching around with placards of dead babies did nothing but disgust people and turn them off.  But it’s tough to discount a video of an actual Planned Parenthood employee detailing their disgusting agenda….

“It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used.”


How are Conservative Christians recruiting and attracting potential “double agents?”  Are we being attractive?  Are we caring for them?  Are we instructing them with love?  Do people struggling with same sex attraction feel loved and welcomed in our churches and our communities?  There seems to be a thought in these circles that we cannot speak truth and be firm in our beliefs and be loving, caring and welcoming at the same time.  We need an active recruitment plan.   The Homosexual Lobby has actively gone out and recruited companies, CEO’s, pastors, teachers and community leaders to it’s cause.  What are Conservative Christians doing?

“Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy. Next best is to disrupt his alliances by diplomacy. Thus, those skilled in war subdue the enemy’s army without battle.”

Language, Media and Money

The strategy of the left always starts with changing the language and ends with controlling the media and the money.   If Christian’s want to truly win this war then they need to win each of these 3 things.

Let’s use as an example what the left has done with abortion.  They coined the term “pro-choice.”  Now in it’s essence this work means nothing, because everyone is “for” choice.  However, your freedom of choice only exists until it takes away someone else’s freedom of choice.  unfortunately the “pro-life” side has never recovered from this.   The Homosexual Lobby has done the same thing.  They changed the terminology and started using words like “choice and freedom” to describe their actions.  They engaged in a hugely successful campaign of “We were born this way” and in doing so they snared the sheep.  They convinced the sheep that they simply wanted to “be themselves” and just wanted “the same freedoms and rights” as everyone else.  They spoke of “choosing” who you love, ironically at the same time that they pushed that they didn’t have a choice because they were born that way.  They spoke of Jesus and how Jesus loved everyone and spoke of emotions that everyone could understand, “If God made me this way then how could he condemn me?”  How could people not support them?  Meanwhile, what did Christians do?  They condemned sodomy, fought over whether people were born that way and let everyone know that the sinners were going to hell.

The Homosexual Lobby has dominated the media and has specifically gone out and targeted those who run the media from Hollywood, to TV news, to the internet and social media.  They now have an army of people pushing their agenda and mocking Christianity.  If Christians want to win they need to target the media and sway them over.  This will not happen by condemning the media which is the current modus operandi…. it will happen by setting a specific plan to target influencers in the media and convert them to the plight of Christians.

The most important strategy that Christians can employ is to succeed where the Homosexual Lobby has failed.  The weakest spot is the emotional outbursts on social media.  The LGBT crowd is known for violent attacks and language on social media and the way that Christians can win is to beat them here.  We need to teach those radical Christians that their comments need to stop being angry, hateful and condemning and instead be logical, truth filled but loving.  When that happens, we win.  We claim that we “Love the sinner but hate the sin,” and that is absolutely correct….  but do we really sound like that?  Are we really acting like that?  When we start to then we will win this battle.

Take for example Kim Davis.  She stood up for her Christian values but her Twitter account was very condemning of homosexuals, not loving in the least.  This was immediately publicized and she was made out to be a hateful bigot.

The money is in corporations in this country and the Homosexual Lobby has done an amazing job of not only getting corporate sponsors, but manipulating those sponsors into not sponsoring the “Christian bigots.”  This is a battle that needs to be won.  There needs to be a concrete plan to go out and recruit corporations to the cause and infiltrate them with people faithful to the cause.