Getting Healthy: One Month In

Ok, so I have almost completed my first month of using the IDLife products and I’m reporting in.

First, I elected to try the ID Experience.   I felt like I needed something which would help me be disciplined and put me on a schedule.  I think this was a great idea and it worked really well for me.

What is the ID Experience?

It is billed as “3 simple steps, 3 minutes a day.”

I started out by taking my ID Assessment which told me what I needed in my custom vitamins.

Then each morning I wake up, have my Protein Shake and take my morning vitamin pack.  Throughout the day I drink Hydrate instead of soda, juice or Gatorade.  After dinner I take my evening vitamin pack and sleep strips when I go to bed.

My Experience with the Experience (See what I did there?)

This has been amazing….

  1.  I’ve lost weight.
  2.  Gained physical energy
  3.  Gained mental clarity
  4.  Become happier and not as fit to depression
  5.   ALL of my joint pain is GONE.
  6.   I am off all medications (I used to take Ibuprophen and Tylenol daily for joint and muscle pain.)
  7.   I have stopped drinking coffee.
  8.   I am completely OFF all sugar!
  9.   I feel happy and healthy!
  10.   I am sleeping like a rock and wake up refreshed and excited!

At this point I am all in…  This is absolutely amazing and it is going to change lives.  I cannot wait to start sharing this with the people I care about!

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