So, for the last week I have been on a BitCoin journey.  I know, I’m stupid….  I should have invested a long time ago and now I might have millions.  Better late than never right?

For those who know me, you know I love to learn and love to research.   So, as soon as the BitCoin bug hit me I ran out and started learning all about this strange cryptocurrency.

I’ve discovered a couple of things that I think are important:

  1.  There is a ton of money in this and I believe it is the future.   People scoffed at the idea of the internet and the cellphone also and now look.
  2.  The market is extremely volatile and goes up and down hundreds of dollars a day.    This makes it risky for long term investments but fantastic for short term investments.
  3.  If you want to make money trading BitCoin then you need to take it slow and only play with what you can afford to lose.
  4.   Once you’re in, stop thinking about dollars and think in BitCoin.

I’m getting involved in this for the thrill, but mostly for the money.  I want to take advantage of this revolutionary technology and make money by investing in it.   So, after much research, here is my plan:

I went to a seminar several days ago and learned about a company called eCoinPlus.   Here’s how it works:

  1.  You invest with BitCoin.
  2.  They trade for you.
  3.  They pay you up to double your BitCoin investment and keep the rest.

I like this company so far for several reasons:

  1.  You can start with a very low amount of money and still make a good return.
  2.  They have a binary affiliate program as you refer the company to others.   As someone who has dabbled in network and affiliate marketing I love this!

So, here is my plan:

  1.  I bought one investment position for .1  BitCoin.
  2.  I then referred myself and bought another one and went on my right referral leg.
  3.  I then referred myself a second time and bought one on my left leg.

I spent a total of .3 Bitcoins.   However, now I make money on the trades for the 3 positions, plus I made an affiliate commission for referring myself!  Awesome!

My goal is to double my Bitcoins in a week.   At that time I will pull out my initial investment of .3 BitCoins and reinvest my profit of .3 BitCoins.

Will I get rich?  Who knows?  I believe it will be a great investment either way!

If you would like to join me then you can find me here:

If you want to run with us then here’s how you can get started……

  1. Go to Blockchain and set up a Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Go and purchase Bitcoin. I advise purchasing .302 Bitcoin. This will allow you to invest with 3 positions and double dip on profits. You can buy anywhere including ATM machines and online. Coin mama is a good place.
  3. Go to eCoinPlus here and click “Register” in the main menu.
  4. Create your account and select how many bitcoin you wish to put in. I advise putting in .1 Bitcoin.
  5. In your dashboard go to “Default Leg Placement” and choose “Left.”
  6. Repeat Step 4.
  7. In your dashboard go to “Default Leg Placement” and choose “Right.”
  8. Repeat Step 4
  9. Start sending your website link around to your other people.
  10. Your money will double very quickly and you will surge past the daily maximum rate. Watch this! You will want to upgrade with your profits as this happens so you are not leaving money on the table!

Here is a recorded webinar where you can learn more about eCoinPlus.

If you have any questions reach out!