Rabbit House is Done!

Finally!  After a week of our rabbits living in cages and pooping all over the driveway we have finally completed their new home!  Typical of us, we went for the “complete overkill” design plan…   mainly because we have no idea what we’re doing and we wanted to make sure they were safe.  In any case the “bomb shelter,” as we now jokingly call their home, is complete and they love it!

We elected to hang the cages on the walls for a couple of reasons.  First, we’re kind of lazy and the idea of bending over to clean the cages, feed and water them or move them is not very attractive to us….  but the primary reason is that we want to easily be able to collect the “dung” and use it for the compost pile.  From what we’ve read, there is nothing better for your garden than Rabbit poop fertilizer!  We’ll see…

rabbits6 rabbits7

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