Sugar is killing your kids

The sweet poison is killing us.  It’s everywhere and in everything and we literally have no idea how much we are consuming and what it is doing to us.  I’m not going to do an in depth proof of this for you.  Other have done so and you can read up on it here and here and here and here.

If you’re not a reader then watch this video.  It’s from alive talk by a great guy named Mark Bennett.  Mark is a corporate lawyer for IDLife who happened to start learning about this and because of his passion, quickly became an expert.   This video below is long (35 minutes) but will blow your mind.

Again…  not here to prove this point.  What I am here for is brag and offer a solution.  As you may know I removed sugar almost completely from my diet as an unintentional result of being on the IDLife Experience.  Part of that experience was drinking Hydrate.   Monkey see, monkey do as the old saying goes.  My kids started drinking the Hydrate as well and the older ones sampled the Energy drinks.  Everything changed.   My kids are now almost completely sugar free as well.

This is a picture of the juice we used to buy.  We used to get 2 of these a week and it would be gone before Thursday.   This jug you see now has been sitting on my counter for almost 6 weeks.   I leave it there as a reminder.   Not only will the kids not drink this crap anymore, but because they have gotten the sugar out of their system they want to go out and exercise, watch less TV, are happier, have been sick less and want to eat healthier foods.

If you have children my advice to you as a parent is GET YOUR KIDS OFF THE SUGAR.  It has been an amazing change and it was easy!  Purchase some Hydrate (We like the grape the best) and keep a constant pitcher of it in the fridge.  Send the strip packs with your kids to school to add to bottled water.  You’ll thank me later…




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