The Lottery line

I like to dream as much as the next person…  and I’m not talking about just dreaming while I am in a deep slumber.   I love to sit around and just think and imagine.  Every night I fall asleep envisioning wild, crazy scenarios of what could be.  In other words, I don’t think there is anything wrong with dreaming.  But…  yep, here’s the “but…”  At some point we need to actually have a plan and put in the work to make something happen.

So the other day I was in the gas station and I was behind this guy in line.  I quietly watched as he spent 10 minutes sorting through different lottery tickets, turning in a couple, buying a bunch more.  This was obviously a ritual for him….   he knew the names of every game and exactly where the tickets were located behind the counter and was even directing the clerk on how to find the one he wanted.  Honestly, It just made me sick.  Here’s the thing…  I get the idea of the thrill of winning the lottery…  I really do.   And every know and then I’ll throw down $1 just because, “Hey, what you can’t win if you don’t play…what if?”

Now, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe this guy has a concrete plan for how to make his dreams come true.  Maybe he is sacrificing and working hard to meet those goals.   I seriously doubt it, but I’ve been wrong before…plenty of times.  But the thought that was going through my head holds true regardless…   we have become a culture of wanting something for nothing.  We have become a culture that is impractical and does not understand the value of hard work.  We have become a culture where our biggest dream is just winning the lottery and being rich instead of forging our own way and being rich.  If you want to be rich I have no issue with that.  But what happened to the idea of accomplishing this ourselves and being proud of what we have done?  Are our lives so miserable that all we want is money to take the pressure off?  I’m not sure.   I wonder if rich people play the lottery.

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