Useless and Unprepared, Time for a Change

Periodically over the years I have watched current events and thought, “Man, shit is about to hit the fan.”   With the increase in terror attacks, the division of the American populace (mainly due to the presidency of Barack Obama, but I digress), and the economic struggle that many Americans are facing, I am realizing more and more that folks are completely unprepared for what is inevidentably coming sooner or later.

There are two factors that I see as extremely important signs:

  1.  The change in the times:  Our society is more fractured politically and economically than it has ever been.  The violence, rhetoric and hate are at an all time high and we are not united in any sense of the word.  For awhile I believed that this would even itself out and Americans could come together.  I now believe I was completely wrong.  We are headed toward even stronger divisions which in my mind absolutely will lead to a decimation of our current way of life.
  2. The change in people:  I remember as a kid being taught to do everything myself.  We could change a tire, build our own bikes, find our way in the woods, hunt, fish, grow our own food, start a fire, and survive without the amenities of society with ease.   People today have grown spoiled. We work in office buildings and make money to pay our credit card bills which are run up because we are paying other people to take care of us.  We have a complete dearth of usable skills.

So what do I do with these two things?

The Change in Times

I need to be aware of what is coming.  I don’t need to be a crazy doomsday prepper, but I need to recognize that shit will hit the fan sooner or later.  I’ve started talking with my kids about this.  My oldest daughter, Josie said to me, “So, you think there’s going to be a war?”  My reply was, “Probably someday and maybe soon.  However, long before that happens there will be many other things that happen that may be just as bad, and we need to be prepared for those.”   What types of things?

  • An increase in terror attacks which can disrupt the financial markets.
  • A financial calamity and crash which will result in very high prices for goods.
  • A natural disaster which will influence markets.
  • Foolish policies by our government which continue to raise the National Debt and eventually will bankrupt us.
  • Financial wars with China which again will disrupt our markets.
  • Continued ridiculous regulations on small business which will raise the unemployment rate and contribute to economic hardship.
  • A terrorist attack on wall street or the water or electric grids.

The reality is that we don’t need Chinese soldiers invading our country or Russia bombing us to be in a war.  The vast majority of Americans are living on the edge, barely surviving, one or two paychecks away from losing it all.  The vast majority of Americans do not have the resources or skills to survive on their own.  Imagine that the economy crashes and milk is $12 a gallon.  People can’t afford food, they can’t afford gas, they can’t heat their homes because their electricity is turned off for non-payment.  Furthermore, when enough people hit this state then money is not being put back into the economy and a vicious cycle starts which leads to another great depression.

The Change in People

Look back on the last several natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.  Americans were without electricity, the food in their fridges went bad, most didn’t have more than a 1-2 supply of water or canned food and virtually all of them just sat there and waited for the government to come and fix it and save them.   This is worrisome.

Lastly, all society needs is a certain amount of people who are unprepared and then looting and rioting will take place.  If you need to get food and water for your starving children you will go attack a stranger and attempt to take theirs….   this might be uncomfortable for you to think about, but the bottom line is that it is the hard truth and at some point you would get to the point where you were willing to do so.  Now you may may be a die hard Christian with a shining halo and think, “Not me, I would never do that.”  Ok, well what about everyone else?  They certainly would….   and they’ll be coming for you.

I realize that I am woefully unprepared.  I know that I ought to make some preparations and I am in the spot where every 6 months or so I say, “Gosh, I need to get on that.”  Maybe you’re there with me….   Life just gets busy and gets in the way and honestly I just haven’t carved out the time or money to do it.   That ends today.   I have a large family to take care of and it is completely irresponsible of me to not be prepared.  I need to take this seriously.  So here’s my plan:

  1.  I need to learn new skills (or re-learn old ones):   I have become a spoiled American…   I need to learn how to work with basic tools, grow a vegetable garden, hunt and fish, make things instead of buy them,  fix my own car, repair my appliances, etc.  These skills not only have the potential to save me a lot of money over the years if the economy does crash, but they become very useful for bartering in a total SHF situation.
  2. I need to stock up on supplies so that I can survive and flourish, not just survive until help arrives.
  3. I need to establish a plan to naturally replenish those supplies over time (in other words, without going to WalMart and buying them).

I’m going to be doing a lot of research, talking to a lot of people and hopefully learning a lot along the way.  I’ll be posting here about my progress and would love for you to chime in with your thoughts!