Week One Supplements

I’ve done some research of different companies and I have decided on using ID Life.  I made this choice for a couple of reasons:

  • I can’t stand fake sweetener.  I tried Advocare Spark for awhile previously and just couldn’t stomach it.
  • ID Life is completely 100% natural.  Not simply what the government regulations call natural or organic, but actually 100% natural.
  • There’s not a lot of fluff…  it’s vitamins and supplements that I need, all natural hydration, all natural energy snacks, a breakfast meal replacement shake and sleep strips.
  • It’s a simple, regimented routine that I think will also help me be disciplined with food intake and exercise.
  • It’s not total meal replacement.  I like eating and I eat fairly healthy already.   ID Life is supplemental only.
  • It’s not formulated simply for losing weight, it’s goal is overall health.


To get started I took the ID Life Assessment which was completely free.  I love that there is an actual medical and lifestyle assessment which then creates an individual plan for me.


Here we go, let’s see how it works!

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