Stream has changed our lives and the lives of hundreds of our friends. It is an incredible company and we are honored to be associated with them. We have made some amazing friends, found some incredibly gifted mentors, saved thousands of dollars on our essential services, made a residual income, traveled all over the place and grown in so many ways. It has truly been an awesome adventure!

With that said, we have come to a major turning point in our lives. If you’re reading this then you have probably heard by now that we have partnered with a new company. We will continue to support Stream, use their services and even help others become customers as needed, but we are beyond excited to announce that our complete focus is now on our new adventure with IDLife!

We know this may be alarming to people and leave some questions about why. After all, you’ve been watching us promote Stream for years and constantly heard from us how great it is. So without further ado, here’s why we’re making this move…

Our Health and the Product

I quit smoking several months ago. I’ve wanted to do this for many years and finally did it. When I was smoking a pack a day there was really no point in attempting to be healthier… I was killing myself with cigarettes and I knew it. However, now I am ready and so when this opportunity presented itself I was open.

But I’m a huge skeptic. Particularly where it comes to medicines, pills, vitamins and the like.

However, we went for a tour to the IDLife Corporate Offices and Distribution Center and I was not only cured of skepticism, I was completely blown away.

Here’s what convinced us

Individual Nutrition: ID stands for “Individually Designed” and it’s legit. This isn’t off the shelf vitamins that are all the same. Every combination is unique and you can’t even order them without taking an exhaustive assessment first. In addition, the assessment is free and provides you with a downloadable health report.

Because ID Nutrition is formulated for you it takes into account other medicines you take and the optimal times to take supplements so they have a positive effect (chronobiological nutrition).

Science First/Company Second: When most companies are formed, they come up with a product and hope to get science to back it up. One of the things that is impressive to me in this case is that the science was already in place and IDLIFE was built because of it.

paul18 years ago, Dr. Sullivan’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia which sent him on a quest to find customized supplementation to support his daughter during her leukemia treatments. Unable to find anything that was NOT “one size fits all,” he quickly became a student of compounding and nutrition and enlisted a team of Harvard-trained scientists to create a state-of-the-art assessment program. The company came later when a team of investors decided that the world needed Dr. Sullivan’s work.

The Free Assessment: This thing is amazing… this is an extensive assessment backed by well over 7,000 scientific studies in nutrition and medicine. Your results then come with a WHY button. Click it and you get a detailed response of why this is recommended and the specifically sourced studies. Once again, this is unique and it is going to change the entire industry.

Two years from now the idea of taking supplements that are not individually designed for you will be a completely foreign concept and people will laugh in disbelief at the way things “used to be.”

It is my humble opinion that this is going to be a game changer for not only people who want to get healthy or lose weight, but those who are suffering with depression, bi-polar, joint pain, allergies and a host of other things. I loved saving people money on their electric bill, but the idea that we can genuinely impact someone’s health is mind blowing.


No Paid Spokespeople: This company has an incredible array of scientists, doctors, businessmen and professional athletes that endorse it and use the product. None of them are paid. This means something to me.


The Clincher: I walked into the facility and a huge glass wall was visible beyond the receptionists desk. In that room were the medical people assembling the vitamins.


Humidity controlled, sterile, a true medical environment. Very impressive. Once again, this isn’t a bunch of stock vitamins mass produced and thrown together in a warehouse. It’s individually designed supplements for YOU. I watched them as they put mine together and was hooked.

We left convinced that we would at least become customers. But the more Jamie and I talked, the more we realized we were on fire to share this with everyone else.

Going All In

As we started taking the product that desire grew. We found ourselves naturally giving up Gatorade, soda and even having less of a desire for coffee and more of a desire to exercise, work out and eat healthy. We had more energy and slept better. Within two weeks of product use my joints felt better and the growing joint pain in my right hand had subsided.

We started thinking about our friends and family with health problems and struggles and we knew we had to make a decision.

We visited IDLife again. This time we brought 2 couples with us and a couple of friends. Every one of them had the same feeling we did and they all decided, “We’re in!”

In our 3 year journey we have seen a lot of people who join companies because they like the product. Unfortunately many of them never investigate the company or the comp plan and so end up having a negative experience. We wanted to be sure that we didn’t fall into that trap.

So, we sat down with the CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout. In talking with him we heard several things that convinced us that this was the right opportunity.

The Comp Plan: This plan is not designed by a stuffed suit in a boardroom somewhere. It’s designed by people who have been in the field, know the field and have had success in the field. I have never seen a comp plan as lucrative as this and I’m excited to put it to work.

Ground Floor: IDLife is only a few years old. They’ve worked out all the kinks and are ready for explosive growth. No one has even reached the top of the company comp plan yet and many areas of the country are untouched. You’ve heard it before… getting in at the beginning can be a wind fall. We are excited to contribute in developing the culture and growth of IDLife to the next billion dollar company.

Team: This is huge for us. We’re not doing this alone. We thought it out over the course of much time and some of our best friends and mentors have made the same change. We’ll be locking arms with the most talented people in the industry and exploding into this new venture.

What’s Next?

If you’re a current Stream customer of ours, nothing will change! We’re Stream customers also and will continue to get great service and low rates and support Stream.

We want you all to to go to our new IDLife site and take the FREE Assessment and get started on your individualized nutrition! Please do this! Your health is important and it is our firm belief that this will blow your doors off!

We could have simply become customers of IDLife and continued to make money by building our Stream business.

However, we believe that this opportunity is so great that we are willing to start over. That’s how much we believe in this. Hopefully that inspires you. If so, reach out. This is a ground floor opportunity that is going to explode and we would love to have you with us.

Please reach out to us with any questions!


John and Jamie

Intro to ID Life

The ID Assessment